Hosted Telephony

Revolutionise The Way You Work

Telecommunications is a very fast paced market, so it’s important for us to work with solutions that allow your business to move with the times.

Installing a Hosted Telephony Solution or utilising the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system can revolutionise the way you work.

This technology means telephone calls are routed over your data network, for example over a broadband circuit.

Why do so many organisations use hosted VoIP systems?

Flexibility – Your business can scale up or down within business hours quickly and easily, by simply adding additional handsets to the system.

Features – VoIP is a feature rich system ‘out of the box’ with call recording, remote workers. Find out more.

SIP Trunking

We provide a robust and scalable SIP trunking solution to enhance your communications offering.

Benefit from a secure, resilient, end-to-end solution delivered through dedicated business-grade connectivity.
Enjoy complete numbering flexibility. Retain your existing contact numbers, or select new ones.

In the event of a power outage or other emergency, calls are redirected with one click to keep your business running smoothly.
At Selective Networks we’re here to provide you with the connectivity you need, with minimum lead times and installation costs.