Printing on the go!

Mobile phones are being used for business more and more as they’re seen as the ultimate tool for keeping you connected to the office and your clients. In the world of freelance workers and field sales workers, access to shared files, CRM and being able to print documents is essential to performance and communication. Selective Networks have looked into some of the apps that are out there to keep you working – wherever you are!

Epson iPrint
As the name would suggest, this app is only compatible with Epson printers – so you wouldn’t go for this one if it wasn’t the printer you were using! Using Wi-Fi this app can print, scan and share documents at the swipe of a finger. Epson iPrint works with Microsoft Office products as well as PDF’s and other hosting sites such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs. This application works on Android devices

With this app, you can opt to a 30-day trial before subscribing to the service. If you do decide to sign up, the app is free. It allows you to retrieve printable content from a variety of sites. It also lets you share your content from a number of supported printer types and models. It’s compatible with Microsoft Office and you can even print selected text using the Paste Board option. This app is available on iOS

PrinterShare Mobile Print
If you know that you may not require to print a large volume of documents each month, PrinterShare mobile print offers a free service with a limited number of prints. If you’re happy to pay for the service, you can get unlimited prints for a fee. This app is compatible with Gmail emails, documents, photos, sms and more – all wirelessly. You can access documents via SD Card, device memory and Google Docs to any nearby printer. The printers can also be accessed by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB Stick. This is certainly our best app for all round versatility and it is available on Android.

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